1: Transform Greek yogurt into pizza dough. Just one ingredient needed. Quick and easy recipe for homemade pizza.

2: Start with Greek yogurt. Add self-rising flour. Mix until dough forms. No need for yeast or rising time.

3: Roll out dough. Top with your favorite toppings. Bake until golden and bubbly. Enjoy a delicious homemade pizza.

4: Greek yogurt adds tangy flavor. Creates a soft and chewy crust. Perfect for a quick weeknight dinner.

5: Healthier alternative to traditional pizza dough. High in protein and low in carbs. Satisfy your pizza cravings guilt-free.

6: Experiment with different toppings. Get creative with flavor combinations. Make pizza night a fun and interactive experience.

7: Great for kids and adults alike. Customize each pizza to your liking. A versatile and delicious meal option.

8: Save time and money by making your own pizza dough. No need to buy pre-made crusts. Enjoy fresh and homemade flavors.

9: Transform Greek yogurt into pizza dough. Easy, quick, and delicious. Try it today for a new twist on homemade pizza.