1: 1. Pothos - Easy-to-care-for vine that thrives in water. 2. Spider Plant - Great for purifying air and growing in water.

2: 3. Mint - Refreshing herb that easily roots in water. 4. Basil - Popular herb that can be propagated in water.

3: 5. Philodendron - Low-maintenance plant perfect for water rooting. 6. African Violet - Beautiful flowering plant that can grow in water.

4: 7. English Ivy - Hardy plant that enjoys water propagation. 8. Begonia - Colorful plant that can be grown in water.

5: 9. Wandering Jew - Vibrant plant that does well in water. 10. Coleus - Unique foliage plant that thrives in water.

6: Tips for success: Change water regularly and provide adequate sunlight. Ensure proper drainage to prevent rot and mold growth.

7: Watch for root development and transplant into soil once roots are established. Experiment with different plants to find what thrives best in your environment.

8: Growing plants from cuttings in water is a fun and rewarding way to expand your plant collection.

9: Enjoy the beauty of these top 10 plants that can be easily propagated from cuttings in water. Happy gardening!