"Tony & Ziva NCIS Spinoff with Michael Weatherly & Cote de Pablo Ordered at Paramount March 2024

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Dynamic Duo Returns: Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo reunite, bringing Tony and Ziva back to life in a much-anticipated NCIS spinoff, promising thrilling new adventures.

New Plot Twists: The spinoff explores Tony and Ziva's life post-NCIS, delving into their complex personal and professional dynamics, with gripping storylines that fans have longed for.

Global Espionage: Set against a backdrop of international espionage, the series takes the duo across the globe, tackling high-stakes cases that test their skills and relationship.

Character Development: Expect deep dives into Tony and Ziva's characters, exploring their pasts, present, and future, offering fans a richer understanding of their favorite agents.

Cameo Appearances: The show promises cameo appearances from beloved NCIS characters, bridging the old with the new and maintaining ties to the original series.

Behind-the-Scenes Talent: The spinoff boasts a team of acclaimed writers and producers from the NCIS franchise, ensuring the series stays true to its roots while exploring new territories.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Featuring the latest in crime-solving technology, the series showcases Tony and Ziva using cutting-edge tools to solve cases, adding a modern twist to their investigations.

Family Dynamics: With a focus on Tony and Ziva's family life, the series offers a glimpse into their roles as parents, adding a personal dimension to the action-packed drama.

Fan-Favorite Chemistry: The undeniable chemistry between Weatherly and de Pablo is front and center, reigniting the spark that made their NCIS relationship so compelling.

Premiere Event: Paramount plans a grand premiere event in March 2024, celebrating the return of Tony and Ziva with a series that's set to captivate audiences and critics alike.