1: In NCIS Season 22, Parkers mysterious past comes to light, unveiling heartbreaking truths. Will her secrets tear the team apart?

2: As the NCIS team investigates Parkers past, old wounds resurface, putting her loyalty and courage to the test.

3: Haunted by her traumatic history, Parker must confront her painful past to protect her future with the team.

4: Secrets from Parkers past threaten to unravel her present, straining her relationships with the NCIS team.

5: As the truth emerges, Parker must decide whether to face her demons or risk losing everything she holds dear.

6: The team's bond is put to the test as Parkers past threatens to destroy their unity and trust in one another.

7: NCIS Season 22 delves into Parkers heartbreaking past, shedding light on the struggles that shaped her into the woman she is today.

8: Parkers journey of redemption and resilience is explored as she battles demons from her past in NCIS Season 22.

9: NCIS Season 22 promises an emotional rollercoaster as Parkers past mistakes come back to haunt her, testing her resolve and loyalty to the team.