1: "Classic French Manicure" Get the timeless look with a clean white tip on a natural nail base.

2: "Reverse French Manicure" Switch it up with a colored tip and nude base for a modern twist.

3: "French Ombré Nails" Blend two shades for a subtle gradient effect on your tips.

4: "French Tip with Glitter" Add some sparkle to your classic French manicure with glitter accents.

5: "French Manicure with Designs" Get creative with patterns and designs on your French tips.

6: "French Manicure with Metallic Tips" Shine bright with metallic tips on your French manicure.

7: "French Manicure with Colored Tips" Experiment with different colors on your French tips for a fun look.

8: "Neon French Manicure" Make a statement with neon colors on your French tips.

9: "French Manicure with Rhinestones" Add some bling to your French tips with rhinestones for a glamorous touch.