1: "Easy and delicious slab pies for a crowd - perfect for any occasion!"

2: "Apple slab pie with cinnamon sugar topping - a classic crowd-pleaser."

3: "Berry slab pie bursting with summer flavors - a refreshing treat for everyone."

4: "Chocolate cream slab pie for the chocolate lovers in the crowd."

5: "Lemon meringue slab pie - a tangy and sweet delight for all to enjoy."

6: "Peach slab pie with a buttery crust - a southern favorite for a crowd."

7: "Strawberry rhubarb slab pie - a timeless duo for a crowd-pleasing dessert."

8: "Key lime slab pie with a graham cracker crust - a tropical twist for everyone."

9: "Pumpkin slab pie with whipped cream - a fall favorite for a crowd of dessert lovers."