1: Controversy at Miss Alabama 2024 The shocking win of plus-size model Sara Milliken has sparked controversy. Is she the true winner?

2: The True Winner Revealed Speculations rise as some claim Diane Westhoven was the rightful Miss Alabama 2024. Who will be crowned?

3: Intense Debate Social media explodes with debates over Sara Milliken and Diane Westhoven's Miss Alabama win. What's the truth?

4: Judges' Decision Did the judges' controversial decision favor Sara Milliken over Diane Westhoven? The controversy deepens.

5: Backlash and Support Backlash against Sara Milliken's win increases, while her supporters advocate for size inclusivity in pageants.

6: Defending the Crown Sara Milliken defends her Miss Alabama 2024 title amid ongoing controversy. Will she emerge victorious?

7: The Aftermath As the dust settles, questions linger. Was Sara Milliken's win fair, or did Diane Westhoven deserve the crown?

8: Moving Forward Miss Alabama officials address the controversy, promising transparency and fairness in future pageants. What's next?

9: The Legacy Continues The Miss Alabama 2024 controversy leaves a lasting impact. Will Sara Milliken's win redefine beauty standards in pageants?