1: Samsung S23 Ultra boasts a 108MP main sensor, while S24 Ultra comes with a 200MP main camera for sharper images.

2: Both phones feature advanced AI processing for enhanced image quality and improved low-light performance.

3: S23 Ultra offers a 10x optical zoom, while S24 Ultra provides a 15x optical zoom for capturing distant subjects.

4: S23 Ultra's telephoto lens offers 3x optical zoom, whereas S24 Ultra's telephoto lens offers 10x optical zoom for better close-up shots.

5: S23 Ultra supports 8K video recording, while S24 Ultra supports 12K video recording for higher resolution videos.

6: Both phones feature a variety of camera modes and filters to enhance your photography experience.

7: S23 Ultra's Pro Mode offers manual controls for professional-looking photos, while S24 Ultra's Night Mode delivers stunning low-light shots.

8: S23 Ultra's ultra-wide camera captures a wider field of view, while S24 Ultra's depth sensor creates beautiful bokeh effects.

9: In conclusion, S24 Ultra excels in camera performance with higher resolutions and improved zoom capabilities compared to S23 Ultra.