1: 1. The Chair Cat-Cow stretch targets the core muscles to reduce belly fat.

2: 2. Chair Eagle Pose strengthens the abdomen and aids in burning belly fat.

3: 3. Seated Spinal Twist in a chair improves digestion and aids in weight loss.

4: 4. Chair Boat Pose engages the core muscles to help burn belly fat.

5: 5. Seated Chair Forward Bend stretches the belly area for fat reduction.

6: 6. Chair Side Plank strengthens the obliques and reduces belly fat.

7: 7. Seated Chair Mountain Pose activates the core for burning belly fat.

8: 8. Chair Knee to Chest stretch improves digestion and helps in fat loss.

9: 9. Seated Chair Warrior Pose enhances core strength to target belly fat. These Chair Yoga exercises are effective for reducing belly fat with consistency.