1: Introduction - Discover the 6 most valuable American nickels in circulation today.

2: 1913 Liberty Head "V" Nickel - Learn about the rare 1913 Liberty Head nickel worth $4.56 million.

3: 1916 Buffalo Nickel - Explore the history and value of the 1916 Buffalo nickel.

4: 1937-D 3 Legged Buffalo Nickel - Uncover the story behind the valuable 1937-D 3 Legged Buffalo nickel.

5: 1943-S Jefferson Nickel - Find out why the 1943-S Jefferson nickel is highly sought after by collectors.

6: 1950-D Jefferson Nickel - Learn about the key date 1950-D Jefferson nickel worth up to $3,500.

7: 2005-S Bison Jefferson Nickel - Discover the modern rarity of the 2005-S Bison Jefferson nickel.

8: 2004-D Peace Medal Jefferson Nickel - Explore the significance of the 2004-D Peace Medal Jefferson nickel.

9: Conclusion - Start your search for valuable American nickels in circulation and potentially find a hidden treasure.