1: "Trans Fat Ban" Learn why trans fats are banned in Europe for their links to heart disease.

2: "Artificial Coloring" Discover how synthetic dyes in foods are restricted in several countries for their harmful effects.

3: "Growth Hormones" Explore why growth hormones in American beef and dairy are prohibited in other nations.

4: "High Fructose Corn Syrup" Uncover why high fructose corn syrup is outlawed in many countries due to its health risks.

5: "Chlorine-Washed Chicken" Find out why chlorine-washed chicken is banned in the EU for safety concerns.

6: "Potassium Bromate" Understand why potassium bromate in bread is prohibited in several countries for its carcinogenic properties.

7: "BHA and BHT" Learn why BHA and BHT preservatives in food are banned in Europe for being potentially carcinogenic.

8: "Ractopamine" Discover why ractopamine in American pork is banned in many countries due to its health risks.

9: "Sodium Nitrate" Explore why sodium nitrate in processed meat is restricted in Europe for its links to cancer.