1: "Grandparents spoil kids" myth debunked. Spoiling is different from showing love and affection.

2: Grandparents are out of touch. False! Many are tech-savvy and up-to-date with trends.

3: "Grandparents are irrelevant in today's world" misconception addressed. They play a vital role in shaping children's lives.

4: Grandparents should just stay home. Not true! Active involvement benefits both grandparents and grandchildren.

5: "Grandparents are too old for fun activities" myth busted. They can engage in exciting adventures with grandkids.

6: Grandparents don't understand modern parenting. Many keep up with new approaches and support their children.

7: "Grandparents are too lenient" misconception. They provide a balance of love and discipline in kids' lives.

8: "Grandparents are only babysitters" myth debunked. They offer guidance, wisdom, and unconditional love.

9: Grandparents are not as important as parents. False! Their role is invaluable in shaping kids' values and character.