1: 1. Avocado: Rich in healthy fats and calories. 2. Nuts: Packed with protein and good fats. 3. Whole-grain bread: High in carbs and fiber.

2: 4. Cheese: Contains protein, fat, and calcium. 5. Olive oil: Adds extra calories to meals. 6. Potatoes: Great source of carbs and energy.

3: 7. Salmon: Loaded with protein and healthy fats. 8. Greek yogurt: High in protein and calcium. 9. Dark chocolate: Provides antioxidants and calories.

4: 10. Peanut butter: Nutritious spread for gaining weight. 11. Granola: Calorie-dense and nutrient-packed. 12. Bananas: High in carbs and natural sugars.

5: 13. Quinoa: Protein-rich grain for weight gain. 14. Milk: Good source of protein and calcium. 15. Dried fruits: Concentrated source of calories.

6: 16. Beans: High in protein and fiber. 17. Sweet potatoes: Nutrient-dense carb source. 18. Eggs: Protein-rich and versatile for weight gain.

7: 19. Rice: Calorie-dense staple for gaining weight. 20. Chicken: Lean protein option for muscle gain. 21. Oats: Fiber-rich breakfast option for weight gain.

8: 22. Trail mix: Portable and calorie-dense snack. 23. Smoothies: Blend fruits and protein for weight gain. 24. Pasta: Carb-heavy meal option for gaining weight.

9: 25. Lean red meat: Protein and iron-rich for weight gain. 26. Protein shakes: Convenient way to add calories. 27. Chia seeds: Nutrient-packed seed for weight gain.